The Black Robed Regiment Ministry

A 21st century way to engage the culture, but in a manner that reflects a commitment to accuracy and protects against charges of wanting to establish a theocracy.
We’re striving for a time where our principled voice is deep, being full of conviction and compassion, full of wisdom and grace that will reverberate across these United States. 

British loyalist Peter Oliver called them the Black Regiment and the British blamed them for stirring up the colonists. They preached politics from their pulpits and some of them actually led the men of their congregations off to war. It cannot be overstated – they were critical to the success of the War for Independence in 1776.

Dan’s vision is that the church in America will regain the “spirit” of the original Black Regiment and once again actively engage in the defense of truth and liberty. Through his work as pastor, state representative, and leader in the modern Black Regiment movement, Dan endeavors to see that vision fulfilled.

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